This program is created to showcase the singing abilities of busy Sri Lankans in the United Arab Emirates and allow them to take their skills forward. For this, children/youth/adults can compete under three categories.

This competition consisting of 3 rounds will be held in front of a panel of judges and three contestants from each category who pass the first and second stages will be included in the grand finale. Thus, one contestant from each category will be taken to victory and they will be awarded valuable gift certificates for the first winner. Other contestants are also gifted.

We hope to create a successful path in their abilities by directing the winning contestants to perform in Dubai in the future.

*Registration for this competition closes on July 1st at 6pm. . * 

The preliminary round will be held on July 8th, the second round on September 23rd and the finals will be held on October 28th the popular singers of Sri Lanka will participate in the finals and will also be involved in the judging.

The grand finale is going to be held in the grand hotel complex.

Registration Rules 

*Registration is mandatory to join the competition. *

Registration for the competition will end on July 1st at 6 pm.

The competition will be held under 3 categories.

Below 17  

Between 18 - 39 /

Above 40

*All contestants must upload a copy of their passport or Emirates ID through online technology to verify their age and identity. *

Those who come physically should be brought and handed over.

Entry fees are non-refundable for any reason.

If someone enters or competes in the competition fraudulently, they will be removed from the competition.

All final decisions regarding the competition are taken by the judging panel and the organizing committee.

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