We act as a link between event organizers and fans who want to have a good time.

We do our best to assist event planners and ticket buyers in making the best selections possible, thanks to our extensive understanding of the GCC entertainment business.

TicketsFY ensures that every ticket buyer receives prompt and efficient service, as well as a diverse selection of event tickets at competitive pricing. Any client need, at any time of day, is attended to by our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

We provide a comprehensive set of services to ticket sellers, ranging from real-time sales tracking to meeting and welcoming event attendees upon arrival. Our advantage is our extensive show business experience, professional counselling, knowledge of success stories, event pricing, and marketing solutions that assist each event planner in achieving the delicious outcome of "All Tickets Sold Out."

Fans will also be pleased with "last-minute" promos and diverse campaigns.

We look forward to entertaining you!

www.ticketsfy.net shall refer to Tickets FY Events LLC, Trade License number 812554, with registered office is at Office 231B, Trade Core Business Centre, CBD Bank Building, Al Mahkhool, UAE.


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